PTBSync 5.5

PTBSync 5.5


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Date Added:01 May, 2013

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PTBSync is a tool to synchronize your PC time with an an atomic clock via the internet. It offers 65 Time servers (NTP) worldwide to choose from.

In addition to time synchronization, PTBSync also includes a complete personal organizer for reminders and repetitive events such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. (it can automatically calculate the age for birthdays or anniversaries).

It lets you create multiple recurring reminders or events, launch a file with optional at alarm time as well as popup messages before and after the event. If multiple users share the same PC, each one can have his own date entries. Additional features include support for holidays, complex date scheduling an more, export to HTML, alarm sounds, support for daylight savings time, date display in the system tray and more.

At first, this program may not look like much, but once you spent a few minutes with it, you ll be surprised how many useful and unique features and options it offers.

Atomic Clock Synchronization:
TE Date and time are fetched from an Atomic clock (Foto) via the internet.
TE Adjusts the PC clock with an accuracy of 1/50 second!
TE 156 Time servers (NTP) worldwide selectable from a list.
TE Time synchronization via Port 80 (HTTP) possible, also through Proxy server
TE Highly precise Windows clock by drift compensation.
TE Analysis of clock deviations by detailed observation of the Windows clock.
TE On Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista PTBSync can run as service, which also adjusts the clock if no user is logged on.
TE Additional display of the international UTC time. (UTC is much more better than Internet Beats)
TE The deviation when adjusting the clock can be written to a logfile.

TE Replacement for the Windows Trayclock.
TE The taskbar clock may display the time with seconds and the date and weekday.
TE Completely customizable.
TE Tooltip with the detailed date.
TE Weekday display in all languages (Unicode support).
TE The taskbar can be switched to transparent mode.
TE Display of Islam, Jewish, Iran, Coptic Calendar.
TE Display of Julian date. (for astronomers)
TE Display of Moon state.

Organizer / Scheduler:
TE Multiple hints before an event and reminders afterwards
TE On a multi-user PC every user has his own events.
TE Events can be saved to an HTML file.
TE iCalendar event import
TE Repetition interval at special days of week possible.
TE Automatic calculation of the age at birthdays / anniversaries.
TE A sound may be played with an alarm.
TE Scheduler / Alarm Clock: Starting a file or shutdown Windows at a certain time.
TE Programmatically turn on the computer and boot Windows (wake up from Hibernate / StandBy)
TE Egg Timer
TE Automatic calculation of all Holidays of any year and for any country.
TE Creation of a HTML calendar for printing.
TE Calendar calculator for Islamic, jewish, Iran and coptic Calendars, Moon Calendar.
TE Coloured display of different types of holidays

Desktop Calendar:
TE Display of date, events, holidays, etc. on the desktop.
TE You can put all elements anywhere on the desktop.
TE Continuously adjustable transparency for all desktop elements.
TE 100% user configurable! (all colors, fonts, images, transparency etc..)
TE Supports up to 15 monitors!
TE World clock
TE Analog Flash Desktop Clock with several themes.
TE Graphical moon phase display with detailed tooltip.
TE Calculation of sun- and moon rise and set.
TE Calculation of civil, nautical and astronomical twilight.
TE Display of details about the computer
TE Display of Google Gadgets on the Desktop
TE Personally adaptable menstruation calendar

Desktop Notes:
TE Any HTML Note can be placed on the Desktop.
TE Each note can be opened / closed via left click
TE Each note can be edited via right click
TE In a note you can place tables, images and links to webpages or local files.
TE 100% user configurable (colors, fonts, transparency etc.)
Release notes: New Release
TE Analog Flash Clock for desktop
[ PTBSync full changelog ]

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows2003

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